Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Resurrection Is Coming

(ANI) --- As a proverbial resurrection from the ashes, The Montford Arms hotel is emerging from its tomb created by decades of changes, lost records, and a inheritance snarl that served to hide the building from history, owners and city fathers.  Now, however, the tax confusions have been straightened out, the developer has cleared the deeds and titles and the old beauty looks set to lead the new district development in that corridor of Old Town. 

 Once an entrance into a private parking garage, it was boarded up in the 1960's and was uncovered in the recent collapse of the false fronts used to give the fa├žade a unified appearance in the mid-1970's.

 What will news cameras uncover as they enter the area locked off behind locks such as this?  The mystery will be solved soon.

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